Toronto pro-Israel & anti-ISIS rallies & events this weekend: THE VOICES OF FREEDOM ARE COMING ALIVE!

Real_Cdns_vs_TerrorismThe voices of freedom are coming alive! People and organizations are holding educational events and taking to the streets this weekend to defend freedom and justice: for Israel and for the horribly persecuted of Iraq.

1. TORONTO, Saturday, August 9/14, 12:00 noon,  Dundas Square-Yonge Street [MAP]: Rally against ISIS genocide of Kurdish Yezidi community to Urge the Canadian government to take action! Details.

Contact: Canadian Kurdish Federation FOR SECOND RELEASE

Ezidi (Yezidi) Massacre in Iraqi Kurdistan

Toronto (Dundas Square)- On Saturday, August 9 from 12-3pm, Kurds in the Toronto area will be gathering at Dundas Square to raise awareness of the genocide taking place against Ezidi Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan and to urge the Canadian government to take immediate action to provide assistance. […]

Wish I could be there, but I have another important commitment. If the Canadian Forces can be used to unintentionally install Sharia law in Libya, we can use them to save Yezidis, Christians and others from ISIS monsters.

CIJR_logo2. TORONTO, Sunday, August 10/14, 10:30-12:30, Lodzer Synagogue, 12 Heaton St., Toronto (North York): CIJR (Canadian Institute For Jewish Research) Colloquium: Israel, Hamas and the Third Gazan War. Refreshments Served. Donations voluntary; Students free.

  • CHAIRMAN: Prof. Clifford Orwin (UofT)
  • PANELISTS: Prof. Aurel Braun (UofT); Lawrence Solomon (Financial Post); Prof. Sally Zerker (York U).

3. TORONTO, Sunday, August 10/14, 2:00pm, Israel Consulate, 180 Bloor Street W. (at University/Queen’s Park & Avenue Rd) [MAP]; RALLY FOR ISRAEL. Organized by Jewish Defence League.

This is the big one! The Jewish Defence League has called for a counter-protest vs. a planned ‘All Out For Gaza’ rally by the pro-Hamas side that seems determined to try to justify the killing of Jewish civilians. There are estimates that thousands of pro-Hamas demonstrators could be there.


4. TORONTO, Sunday, August 10/14, 3:30-6:00pm, Queen’s Park Legislature Bldg [MAP]:  PROTEST AGAINST THE PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS IN IRAQ AND STOP THE GENOCIDE! More info.

Burning ChurchIn support of our persecuted brothers and sisters, who have been forced to flee the city of Mosul, we will rally in solidarity. After fleeing and surrendering their belongings to the terrorist group, ISIS, the persecuted Christians of Iraq left their homes with only the clothes on their backs. Our goal in this protest is to inform the Canadian public and government of the atrocities in Mosul and hope for aid.The Eastern Churches in Canada are inviting all those against the brutalities to participate in the peaceful demonstration, which will take place in the city of Toronto on August 10th, 2014. It will be concluded by submitting a letter to the Iraqi and Canadian governments, asking for the protection of Christians or an opportunity to seek refuge outside their war-stricken country.
 I will join my Christian brothers and sisters after the Rally For Israel at the Israel Consulate (#3). WILL YOU WALK WITH ME?

5. TORONTO, Sunday, August 10/14, Time & Places Secret: FLASHMOBS FOR ISRAEL.

Purpose: to show how Israelis only have 15 seconds to save their lives from Hamas rockets. Organized by Canadians For Israel.

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Merlyn Kinrade passes — Canada & Israel lose a patriot and friend


  • Mark Vandermaas eulogy for Merlyn Kinrade, Oct 11/12: [PDF, 6p]
  • Gary McHale eulogy for Merlyn Kinrade, Oct 11/12: [PDF, 3p]

120330 Merlyn Kinrade (R w/UN flag) with Gary McHale (L) and Meir Weinstein of Jewish Defence League, Israel Consulate, Toronto

UPDATED Oct 26/12 — A great Canadian patriot, naval veteran, peacekeeper, father, husband, friend of Israel and a tireless force for justice in Caledonia has been called home.

I am saddened to report that Merlyn Kinrade, Caledonia resident and co-founder of CANACE (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality), died after a long battle with cancer at 2pm yesterday – Saturday, October 06, 2012.

Funeral details:

Bay Gardens Funeral Home
947 Rymal Road East, Hamilton  L8W 3M2   (just east of Upper Gage Ave.)


  • Wednesday 2-4 pm, 7-9 pm
  • Thursday 10-11 am.


  • Thursday 11 am followed by cremation.
ANNOUNCEMENT (appeared Oct 09/12): Hamilton Spectator–kinrade-merlyn
The Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice Foundation
277 Stone Church Road East, Hamilton, ON L9B 1B1  905.387.2448
Online Donations:
About Merlyn Kinrade

It is impossible to overstate how much Merlyn meant to those of us who have struggled against racial policing in Caledonia during the last 6 years. He was our rock, our advocate, our liaison and our friend as he doggedly pursued those responsible for the crimes against his community. You can read Merlyn’s bio, a list of his accomplishments and media articles about him here:

Merlyn Kinrade in pictures and video…

CANACE co-founder Jeff Parkinson prepared a video tribute to Merlyn that captures his dynamic, meet-life-head-on, personality we were privileged to share during the past 5+ years:

Merlyn’s final months: passionate and determined to the end…

Merlyn’s commitment to his community, his country and to Israel was unwavering even as he began to count down his final months:

Proud to be a member of the ‘Caledonia 8’…

On Dec 03/11 he proudly lined up to be arrested for ‘trespassing” on a county road as one of the ‘Caledonia 8’ who went to jail to dramatize, yet again, the continuing ignominy of racialized policing in Caledonia:

(All charges against the Caledonia 8 were later dropped.)

Making history after a long struggle…

120218 Merlyn Kinrade on Douglas Creek Estates, by David Strutt. CLICK TO ENLARGE On Feb 18/12, as we walked for the first time, uninvited, on the occupied Douglas Creek Estates photographer David Strutt was there and captured the essence of Merlyn in the portrait to the right. Christie Blatchford (author of Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear And Anarchy, And How the Law Failed All Of Us) reported his arrest in the National Post:

Standing with Israel and the Jewish people…

On March 30/12 Merlyn and other CANACE founders travelled to the Israel Consulate in Toronto to stand with our Jewish friends against those who would destroy Israel. Our friends from the Jewish Defence League gave him an Israeli flag and later notified him that they had purchased a tree for him in Israel. He was so touched by these gestures as were we all.

120330 Merlyn Kinrade (centre w/UN flag) with Gary McHale, Mark Vandermaas and members of Jewish Defence League, Israel Consulate, Toronto

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Israel Truth Week & Caledonia activists stand with Jews at Israel Consulate

120330 Israel Consulate, Toronto, GM2J: Gary McHale (CANACE), Merlyn Kinrade (CANACE), Mark Vandermaas (Caledonia Victims Project/Israel Truth Week) w/JDL friends

120330 Israel Consulate, Toronto, GM2J: Gary McHale (CANACE), Merlyn Kinrade (CANACE), Mark Vandermaas (Caledonia Victims Project/Israel Truth Week) w/JDL friends

Before heading over to the Israel Consulate Gary McHale (photo right) – ‘The Caledonia Crusader’ (as dubbed by SUN TV’s David Menzies) – recorded a session for the Brian Lilley show yesterday w/Menzies to talk about the recent decision by the Supreme Court of Canada to affirm racial justice as the law of the land, thereby devaluing the lives of victims of crime – native and non-Native – when they and their communities are victimized by repeat native offenders.

Israel Truth Week & Caledonia activists stand with Jews at Israel Consulate

After taping Gary and Christine McHale, along with Caledonia hero Merlyn Kinrade (all of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality – CANACE); Mark Vandermaas (Israel Truth Week/Caledonia Victims Project); Al Gretzky & Mary Lou Ambrogio (International Free Press Society); and members of the Hamilton-based Never Again Group spent the rest of the day at the Israel Consulate on Bloor Street to support the Jewish Defence League’s call to rally against planned protests by anti-Semitic forces in connection with the so-called, ‘Global March to Jerusalem.’

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