ITW poster-No-Peace-Without-Truth-END_HATE-270x378

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Poster/Flyer: ‘NO PEACE WITHOUT TRUTH’ Campaign 

[Download PDF]

  • Includes key quotes from the League of Nations Mandate For Palestine with confidence-building reference link to this supporting page to make it easy for you and your people to share info with journalists or members of the public.
  • Full size is 20×28″ for printing on any medium.  Can be inexpensively printed 12×18″ in colour on cardstock by print shop. Can also print at 8.5×11″ for use as a handout at your events/protests.
  • ALSO: Download the image and use as a ‘badge’ on your site. Link it back to this page.

How to make an inexpensive protest sign [LINK]

Mandate For Palestine training manual [LINK]

Mandate For Palestine training video [LINK]