TRAINING BOOKLET – League of Nations Mandate For Palestine: the ORIGINAL Two-State Solution

League of Nations Mandate for Palestine
with Note re Trans-Jordan, Dec 1922

* Original + Text Copy + Summary + Roleplay Dialogue *
[PDF, 33p; last update: 150306]

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Training Booklet - Mandate For Palestine: Original + Text + Summary

* Original + Text Copy + Summary + Roleplay Dialogue *
[PDF, 33p; last update: 150306]

SUMMARY – The Original Two-State Solution

The Jewish people are owners, not occupiers of Israel, including Judea and Samaria, by virtue of a ‘land title deed’ from the 1922 League of Nations Mandate For Palestine which created the ‘Original Two-State Solution.’  (‘West Bank’ was the name given to Judea and Samaria by Jordan during her illegal occupation of the area beginning in 1948 that ended with Israel’s victory in the 1967 Six Day War).

The world’s promises to the Jews

  • ‘Palestine’ was promised to the Jewish people via unanimous approval by the 52 countries of the League of Nations of the Mandate For Palestine. Its terms were agreed upon on July 24, 1922, came into effect Sept 29, 1923, and ended at midnight on May 14, 1948, the day before Israel declared independence.  The Mandate codified decisions made under international law by the Principal Allied Powers at the San Remo Conference which were set out in the San Remo Resolution of April 25, 1920.  British Foreign Secretary Lord Curzon referred to this resolution as ‘the Magna Carta of the Zionists.’
    The preamble to the Mandate For Palestine states: “Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country;
    Article 2 says, ‘The Mandatory shall be responsible for placing the country under such political, administrative and economic conditions as will secure the establishment of the Jewish national home…
    Article 6 states that “The Administration of Palestine…shall encourage…close settlement by Jews on the land…” The Mandate also protects the ‘civil and religious rights’ of non-Jews.
    In addition to (Jewish) Palestine/Israel, today’s Arab states of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq all eventually came into existence via the Mandates System. No one questions the boundaries of these and the non-Arab countries arising from Mandates: Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Namibia, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea and Samoa.Out of 14 countries created via the Mandates system, only the Jewish state is demonized.

The ORIGINAL Two-State Solution

  • .Palestine included land west and east of the Jordan River. Palestine’s land east of the Jordan River promised to Jews was given in appeasement to Arabs, was later expanded eastwards, and forms what is now Jordan, as initiated by the September 16, 1922 ‘Note By The Secretary-General Relating To Its Application To The Territory Known As Trans-Jordan’ in accordance with Article 25 of the Mandate.

U.S. Recognition

  • On June 30, 1922, less than one month prior to acceptance of the Mandate For Palestine by the League of Nations, U.S. Joint Congressional Resolution 360 (Lodge-Fish Resolution) of the 67th Congress declared, “the United States of America favours the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people…” It was signed into law by President Warren Harding on September 21, 1922.
  • ”On December 3, 1924 the ‘Rights In Palestine Convention’  (44 Stat. 2184; Treaty Series 728) was signed between the United Kingdom and the United States of America. It was ratified by both countries in 1925, thereby recognizing the Mandate For (Jewish) Palestine under U.S. law.  (A similar convention was signed regarding the mandate for the Cameroons.)

U.N. Charter protects Mandate rights of Jewish People.

  • Paragraph 1 of Clause 80 of Chapter 12 of the United Nations Charter protects existing rights acquired under international instruments such as the Mandate For Palestine:“Except as may be agreed upon in individual trusteeship agreements, made under Articles 77, 79, and 81, placing each territory under the trusteeship system, and until such agreements have been concluded, nothing in this Chapter shall be construed in or of itself to alter in any manner the rights whatsoever of any states or any peoples or the terms of existing international instruments to which Members of the United Nations may respectively be parties. (Palestine was never placed in a trusteeship agreement.)

Islamists: Palestine was conquered by Muslims and must be again

  • Article 11 of the Hamas Charter explains why the organization calls for the killing of Jews, the destruction of Israel, and the rejection of all peaceful solutions by declaring that Palestine cannot be neglected or given away—even a part of it—by any Arab state(s), king(s) or president(s) because: “The legal status of Palestine according to Islamic law… is like any other land that the Muslims have conquered by force, because the Muslims consecrated it at the time of the conquest as religious endowment for all generations of Muslims until the Day of Resurrection.”
WZO Palestine claim-1919

Land of Palestine as claimed by World Zionist Organization, 1919. All of Palestine east of the Jordan River promised for the reconstituting of the Jewish “national home” was instead given to Arabs to form today’s Jordan–the ORIGINAL Two State Solution. See Note re Trans-Jordan at the end of the Mandate document for more info.


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