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Why not organize an event in YOUR city – and list it on our Upcoming Events page?

Events are listed as a free advertising service only with the understanding that, unless otherwise stated, no endorsement by Israel Truth Week is implied towards the listed organization or their presentation; and no endorsement by the organizer is implied towards Israel Truth Week and its activities. 

Every week of the year is a good week to tell the truth about Israel but our Upcoming Events page is (for now) intended for events held during February and March in response to Israel Hatred Week, so if you put together an event of your own we’ll gladly list it at no charge.

Take a stand with an ITW badge...

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How to get your event listed: 

Please send an email with the following info:

  • Date of Event
  • Organization, if any
  • Contact info: name, email/phone
  • Website page for additional info/updates, if any
  • Name of event or theme, if any
  • Venue details w/start & end times + ‘doors open’ time
  • Keynote speaker(s)
  • Other notable speakers you would like listed, if any
  • Admission price, if any
  • Charity fundraising notes if applicable, incl. if tax receipts will be issued and threshold req’d (i.e. $10 or greater)
  • If applicable, indicate if tradeshow tables are available and cost, if any
  • Key sponsors & contributors you would like listed, if any
  • One image (photo or logo) to use with your listing.

See samples here.

Would you like an ITW speaker at your event?

If your event takes place within the London-Toronto corridor in Ontario, Canada, Israel Truth Week founder Mark Vandermaas would be happy to speak at your event at no charge or expense to you if his schedule permits.

Promoting Your Event

Once your event is accepted for listing on the Upcoming Events page, you are welcome to use the Israel Truth Week logo  (You can put an ITW badge on your site even if you’re not listing an event) provided you agree to our conditions.

You can also download a 12×18″ Israel Truth Week logo poster with a QR link (readable by smartphones) to the Upcoming Events page where your event will be listed: [PDF]

Event Tips

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to bring in ‘big name’ speakers and spend a lot of money, or that events can only be held on campus. The goal of Israel Truth Week is to create local networks of experts & activists who can work together after the event is over. Your event could be as complex as a weeklong series of speakers on campus, or as simple as an evening with a local pro-Israel expert speaking at your church or club.

Believe it or not, nearly every one of the speakers at all three Israel Truth Week conferences paid their own way to participate, and not one charged a speaking fee, so you can do a lot with a little if you show some leadership.