Victory vs anti-Harper rally, Part 2: U.S. funded LeadNow not happy with ITW exposure

LeadNow LNC brochure-front. Click to download entire brochure.

Front of LeadNow brochure handed out by LeadNow volunteer at the event in which they claim they did not participate. Click to download PDF of both sides.

Canadian LeadNow organization denies participation in Hamas-supporter David Heap’s anti-Harper event… but facts and pics show otherwise…

UPDATE, Oct 7/15: A source has sent Israel Truth Week a copy of minutes for a January 2015 meeting attended by David Heap, Council of Canadians, NDP candidate for London North Centre German Gutierez and… two LeadNow organizers. Keep this in mind as you’re reading the denial of involvement by LeadNow’s Eastern Field Organizer below.

Israel Truth Week is pleased to say that our effort in having an anti-Harper rally in London, Ontario relocated off the grounds of the Western Fair District (WFD) Farmer’s Market not only resulted in a pitifully small display of anti-Harper venom due to a lack of traffic from market visitors, but also attracted the attention of the large, U.S.-funded (in part) Canadian leftist activist organization LeadNow (

LeadNow is actively engaged in strategic vote-splitting campaigns in various Conservative ridings across Canada, including London North Centre where Susan Truppe is the sitting MP — where the Heap rally was being held.

LeadNow was very disturbed about their organization being mentioned in ITW’s last article that exposed how David Heap and company misled the WFD about their rally being non-partisan, and our success in having it moved off WFD grounds. Their ‘Eastern Field Organizer’ Corrigan Hammond sent ITW founder Mark Vandermaas an email asking him to correct “a number of factual inaccuracies.”

They claimed they had nothing to do with the event and so, they couldn’t understand why they they were even included in the story.  You can read LeadNow’s email and Mark’s replies below, but here’s the picture that exposes that lie:

Capture-LeadNow volunteers

The woman on the left is wearing a purple LeadNow shirt. She approached ITW’s Mark Vandermaas, handed him a LeadNow brochure, and asked him to sign a vote pledge for LeadNow’s strategic voting campaign against the Conservative candidate in London North Centre. But, LeadNow later claimed they did not participate in the event. The woman to the right is holding a handmade sign with the LeadNow name that is referring to LeadNow’s strategic voting pledge campaign.

More pictures…

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ITW Email to LeadNow Eastern Field Organizer, Corrigan Hammond

(ITW founder Mark Vandermaas replies in red)

From: Mark Vandermaas – Israel Truth Week <>
Sent: Sun 27/09/2015 1:38 AM

Hi Corrigan,

Thanks for the polite letter. Seriously.

Although I oppose your position(s), I do take care to be accurate. This isn’t my first rodeo; I spent 6+ years working full time fighting racial policing in Caledonia where we went up against some vicious lying bullies led by a guy out of York U, and we had to work with media. We had a reputation for telling the truth. I’m aggressive, but I try to be careful and factual in what I write, and I apologize when I’m wrong (doesn’t happen often).

I’ve reviewed my story and I found one error that you didn’t mention that I’ve fixed, and I’ve included some quotes from your email regarding your key point. I’ll address your points 1 by 1 in red below…

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Victory against planned anti-Harper rally at Western Fair District in London, Ontario

Capture1UPDATED Sept 27/15: LeadNow denies any connection to anti-Harper event, but facts show otherwise!
UPDATED Sept 25/15: anti-Harper event moved off WFD property.

Israel Truth Week is pleased to announce it played a key role – after being tipped off by a supporter – in shutting down a planned anti-Conservative rally set for this Saturday, Sept 26 at London (Ontario)’s Western Fair District Farmer’s Market, a public-private partnership that has 3 London councillors on the board of advisors for programming.

The rally was organized by David Heap and ‘hosted’ by the Council of Canadians. Heap is a Western University professor who was one of the so-called ‘delegates’ on-board the failed (but no less shameful) 2011 ‘Boat to Gaza’ which was trying to break Israel’s blockade of weapons to the Jew-murdering Hamas terrorists.

The event was set to take place between 12-2pm. We were very concerned about this venue being used for partisan politics and wanted to ensure that the WFD knew what was planned and had given their permission. They hadn’t.

“When the market operators were made aware of the information you provided they stated that they do not support or endorse any political party and would speak with the organizer to shut the event down.”

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VIDEO: Victory at London Ribfest! Thank you.



Please everyone…stop contacting the organizers of Ribfest: Our message was heard loud and clear. The organizers will not allow this to happen again: Israel Truth Week and the Jewish/Israel side WILL have a booth next year…for free.

140804-ITW-vs-Gaza-Ribfest-London (6)

A few supporters who showed up for the Israel Truth Week vigil vs. anti-Israel booth at London, Ontario ‘Ribfest,’ Aug 4/14.

A small group of people showed up to stand with us for an Israel Truth Week vigil at the London, Ontario  Ribfest today where, for the second day in a row, anti-Israel Hamas supporters were working their propaganda machine to falsely accuse the Jewish state of “mass murder” and “genocide” and the deliberate bombing of civilians.

According to a Facebook page set up by David Heap, they were “invited” to have a booth for free. This turned to be only partly true.

I regarded it as shameful that those who support terrorists during an ongoing war would use a family festival as a propaganda vehicle, and I had no wish to be part of it, but it simply could not go un-opposed.

We were a small group, but we were not alone–thanks to you

I unsuccessfully tried to reach the organizers, but with time being of the essence I issued an ITW Action Alert asking people–with barely 2 hours notice–to show up in London for a vigil near the booth today at 4pm, or to write and/or call the organizers and London’s politicians if they couldn’t come.

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ITW ACTION ALERT–London, ON, 4:00pm today: Vigil vs. Ribfest anti-Israel booth



ACTION ALERT: Join me today at 4:00pm at Victoria Park in London to help send a message to Ribfest organizers and City of London that family festivals are no place to amp up hate against the Jewish state with one-sided propaganda.

140804 Gaza table-London_Ribfest (1)

On this most holy of Jewish observances–Tisha B’av, when Jews will mourn for their First and Second Temples in Jerusalem that were destroyed on this day–I am asking you, especially fellow Gentiles, to join me today from 4:00pm till dark to protest at the London Ribfest where an anti-Israel booth has been set up accusing her of “bombing innocent civilians” and “Mass Murder.” According to a Facebook event page set up by David Heap and an email sent out by KAIROS in support this booth was set up at the invitation of Ribfest organizers.

friends, we have an extraordinary opportunity to spread the message about Israeli aggression in Gaza: following Saturday’s vigil, we have been invited by Ribfest (!) to staff an ‘official’ information table (free of charge), Sunday and Monday Aug. 3-4, for information and discussion about Gaza. WOW! Will be working on the needed information between now and tomorrow, and will post the location of our table as soon as we know it for sure. Meantime, if you can spare a couple of hours or more between 11 am and 11 pm (either day, or both) then please message Sahar Ataya with your availability.

(bold emphasis added)

It is a terrible lack of judgement that at a time of rising hatred and rhetoric over a war in the Middle East that is claiming both Jewish & Arab lives, and which was begun by Hamas rockets against the Jewish people, that the organizers of a family festival like Ribfest would allow such a repugnant booth for children to see in the first place. However, having made that decision, to not take steps to ensure that the Jewish/pro-Israel side was offered an equal opportunity to share their perspective is outrageous.

Please join me for a peaceful vigil within site of the booth. Bring Israel flags. Will begin at 3:30pm until dark. The booth is located at the North end of Victoria Park near Central Avenue which runs between Wellington and Richmond. MAP .

Help me send a message that family festivals are no places to amp up hatred against the state of the Jewish people with one-sided propaganda.

BACKGROUND: I have sent an email (see below) to the organizers, left a telephone message, and visited the event headquarters where staff told me that the anti-Israel side was invited because “they were holding a march.” I asked if the Jewish/pro-Israel crowd was invited, to which the response was, “Were you holding a march, too?” I asked that a senior organizer call me. As of 2:26pm none has responded to my call, email or visit.

One member of the Jewish media has contacted me and wants to be kept up to date.

Action Item #2: If you can’t come, you can leave messages for Ribfest organizers here:, 519.432.5189

Action Item #3: Please contact London’s politicians to tell them that family festivals are not places to amp up hatred against the state of the Jewish people with one-sided propaganda.

Hope to see you there.
Mark Vandermaas, Founder

London anti-Hamas vigil: 13 Christians & Jews vs. 300 Hamas supporters…and NO police



Yesterday (Sat, July 26/14), at an Israel Truth Week-organized vigil, nine Christians and four Jews faced off with 300 Hamas supporters in London, Ontario while police refused to separate us and then abandoned us to be intimidated and bullied.  The slideshow below tells the story, from the arrival of the first few pro-Hamas’rs to the virtual takeover of our location on a traffic island to the end when police arrive after the danger is over and the discovery that my car had been keyed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The pro-Hamas side had a rally planned for 5pm at the northwest corner of Victoria Park at Richmond Street. We took up position across the street on a traffic island. Our goal was to protest Hamas’ sole responsibility for the deaths of  Arab and Jewish civilians; to send a message that we will not be intimidated by the anti-Jew violence in Canada and Europe; and to expose the false ‘occupation’ narrative.

As soon as we started setting up the pro-Hamas Arabs and their leftist apologists (I photographed one in an ‘Occupy London’ Tshirt) crossed the street for the specific purpose of confronting us.  As one of our number pointed out, it was analogous to land-rich Arabs  trying to purge little Israel of her Jews. The Hamas side had the entire park to use, but they couldn’t bear the thought of Jews and their allies using a tiny piece of land on a traffic island.

The police arrive…and disappear

Two London Police officers made a brief appearance and our conversation went something like this:

MARK: I’m Mark Vandermaas, the organizer for the pro-Israel side. These people have crossed the street to try to intimidate us and I’d appreciate if you’d tell them to stay on their side of the road.

OFFICER: They’re free to go anywhere they want to protest. Just because you got here first, it doesn’t mean this is ‘your’ side.

MARK: Great; does that mean I can tell my people to cross the street and confront them on the other side?

OFFICER: Well, no, I don’t think that would be advisable.

MARK: So, have you told them that?

OFFICER: I just got here two seconds ago.

At one point, someone from our side whom I didn’t know got hold of my Israel flag and started walking down the middle of the street, taunting the Hamas crowd. I ran out to convince her to get off the road for her safety and our good name. A police van showed up, but by that time I had my flag back and was on my way back to the island. I didn’t see any police for the remainder of the protest; they left us alone to be harassed and intimidated while ever more pro-Hamas’ers crossed the road to try to crowd us off the traffic island.

I’ve been there before…in Caledonia, where the police tried the same nonsense, abandoning us to be intimidated and assaulted by violent native militants and their leftist friends. Undoubtedly emboldened by the lack of police, motorcyclists flying ‘Palestinian’ flags repeatedly raced recklessly down the road, their engines screaming as the Hamas side cheered. It seemed that at any minute their engines’ would explode into pieces but, alas, it was not to be.

“We’re not moving.”

Fortunately, someone from the other side — named Milad — had the common sense to come speak with me in a calm, rational manner, and he worked hard to try to keep the crazies at bay, with some success, but they gradually kept crossing the street to take over the island where, eventually, a couple of bongo drummers pounded out a beat as they chanted ‘Free Gaza.’ (I couldn’t agree more: yes, please: free Gaza–from Hamas.) Continue reading

TORONTO & LONDON EVENTS vs Islamic terror against Israel

Sunday, July 27, 2-6pm, Queen's Park, Toronto: Canadians for Israel -- ISRAEL, FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY RALLY

Sunday, July 27, 2-6pm, Queen’s Park, Toronto: Canadians for Israel — ISRAEL, FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY RALLY



Pro-Israel protest events this weekend in chronological order. PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY:

1. TORONTO: Saturday, July 26, 2pm, Queen’s Park. Counter-protest against Al Quds Day Rally:

2. LONDON:  Saturday, July 26, 5pm, near NW corner of Victoria Park. Israel Truth Week counter-vigil against pro-Hamas rally organized by Canadian Palestinian Social Association. Bring Israel & Canadian flags. ITW founder Mark Vandermaas will be leading. He can be reached at Please arrive by 5pm sharp if possible.

3. TORONTO: Sunday, July 27, 2pm, Queen’s Park (UPDATED: RALLY WILL TAKE PLACE ON THE SOUTH SIDE, AT THE FRONT OF QUEEN’S PARK). Canadians For Israel Freedom  & Democracy Rally. Multi-speaker event, including ITW founder Mark Vandermaas. Bring Israel & Canadian flags. Make signs with positive messages. See media release below. Please arrive at 2pm sharp if  possible.

– Media Release –


July 25 2014
For Immediate Release:

An extraordinary thing is happening in Toronto! A group of concerned Canadian citizens of different religions, nationalities & politics called an emergency meeting Tuesday night coming together in unity to support Israel, freedom & democracy. Within one hour we had a plan for the Rally at Queen’s Park:

Sunday, July 27th, at 2 p.m, Queen’s Park Circle, North Side

The rally is planned to occur 24 hours after Al Quds – an Iranian Islamist group calling for the death and destruction of Jews and the Jewish Homeland – is scheduled to speak at the same location. While the Al Quds Group are asking for blood and death, Canadians for Israel are coming together to pray for peace, truth and co-existence and hold a peaceful, positive rally.

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Hamilton & London Israel Truth Week screenings of ‘Precious Life’ documentary, March 18, 20

Precious Life movie cover

Precious Life” is a documentary film about an Israeli doctor who saves life of Palestinian child whose mother then says she supports suicide bombings. [Trailer/info].

Two screenings are available as part of Israel Truth Week:

1. HAMILTON – March 18, 2013,
7-10pm, doors open 6:30

  • Hamilton Christian Fellowship, 135 Strathcona Ave. North, Hamilton, ON L8R 3C2 (MAP)

ADMISSION: Free, but donations to the children supported by Canadian Friends of ALYN Hospital gratefully accepted. Canadian income tax receipts issued.



  • Dr. Paul Ranalli, Doctors Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (
  • Evelyn DiFrancesco (Presenter, 2013 Israel Truth Week Conference): ‘Baptism By Wind, Rain And Fire: Riding Under Missiles From Gaza For ALL The Children of ALYN Hospital — Jewish, Christian And Arab’)
  • Mark Vandermaas (Founder, Israel Truth Week)

ORGANIZER: Pastor David Cummings,, 905.527.4070

2. LONDON – March 20, 2013,
7-10pm, doors open 6:30

  • Royal View Church, 218 Clarke Road, London, ON, Canada N5W 5E4 (MAP)

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Israel Truth Week Conference, London ON, Canada March 21/12

It’s time the other side of the story was told.
It’s time to stand together.
It’s time to stop being afraid.

2012 Israel Truth Week Conference
London ON, Canada
March 21, 2012


Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, BA, MA, JDKEYNOTE SPEAKERS:

EVENING SESSION (6:30-9:30PM, doors open 6:00PM)
Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, BA, MA, JD
Ahavath Torah Congregation, Stoughton, Massachussetts

The Coming Wars of Unintended Consequences:
How Reckless Threats and Action Become a Battleground’


Gary McHale, Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE) AFTERNOON SESSION (2:00-5:00PM, doors open 1:30PM):
Gary McHale
Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE)

‘Dr. King’s ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’:
A Blueprint for Victory Over Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism’


  • Salim Mansur, BA, MA, PhD, Author of ‘Delectable Lie: A Liberal Repudiation of Multi-Culturalism’ 
  • Rev. Joe Campbell, National Director of Development, Christians for Israel
  • Pesach Ovadyah, Western University/Jewish Defence League
  • Avi Braemer, Israel On Campus (Western University)
  • Al Gretzky, International Free Press Society (Canada)
  • Andrew Lawton, The Landmark Report
  • Stuart Laughton, Never Again Group
  • Mark Vandermaas, Israel Truth Week