Why Israel Truth Week?

cartoon - "I guess no one told them that Israel is an apartheid state."

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Israel Truth Week and our inaugural 2012 conference – ‘Israel: The Case For The Defence’ – were organized in response to the continuing misrepresentation and vilification of Israel generally but, more specifically, as  a direct response to the intimidation of Jewish students at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada where Israel Truth Week founder Mark Vandermaas makes his home:

  • Jewish Tribune, Feb 09/12: UWO Students Disrupt Jewish Event [PDF]; [PDF, ITW download]

Our Mission…

The mission of Israel Truth Week is to promote a truthful image of Israel; to assist pro-Israel organizations stand up for Israel; and to let Jewish students and their families know they are not alone when faced with Israel Apartheid Week vilification.

Israel Apartheid Week and other anti-Israel slurs are about attacking values. Israel stands as a proxy for all the liberal democratic values that we in the West hold dear: Truth; free enterprise; democracy; respect for the rule of law; freedom of expression; freedom of religion; and the right to be treated equally before the law and to be protected equally by the law. People who share those values are being attacked, persecuted and terrorized, even murdered. Israel Truth Week is not just about religion or borders, it is about defending those values and the people who hold them.

Our approach is promote a peaceful, determined, reasoned, unified response to anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism – on and off campus.

One of the key objectives of the Israel Truth Week concept is to unite Jewish and non-Jewish groups in defence of Israel and liberal values of freedom and equality, and to encourage co-operation despite differences of opinion or approach.

Our Roots…

Israel Truth Week was founded on a base of activism modelled on the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as practiced during the ongoing Caledonia crisis in Ontario, Canada where radical, anti-Israel/anti-capitalist organizations have been fomenting the violent lawlessness and intimidation against innocents that has occurred there since 2006:

  • Mark Vandermaas presentation, March 21/12: Israel Truth Week: Born of Nazi-Occupied Holland And The Caledonia Crisis’ [VIDEO, 26:42 (includes intros; Mark’s presentation begins at 7:35)]


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