2015 Israel Truth Week Events & Updates

1. Click here to check out 2015 Israel Truth Week events. If you have an event you’d like listed, check out this page.

idea_lightbulb_cartoon22. Israel Truth Week is moving into the next phase of its development. After producing three very successful conferences since our first in 2012, we are about to focus on a very special project (more below) while maintaining what Israel Truth Week was always intended to be: a unified ‘brand’ name and event listing service for people holding events held to counter the hateful Israel Apartheid Week.

Our vision was that people all over the world would hold their own events as part of Israel Truth Week, use our logo to identify their participation, and list their events on the site.

As of 2015 we will no longer produce annual conferences. We will focus on supporting others AND producing specialized training events where needed. Here’s the what and why:

a. It was always our plan to do this.

b. We prefer to fill critical needs that are not well-served and/or support others doing good work rather than replace or compete with them.

ITW poster-No-Peace-Without-Truth-END_HATE-270x378c. We believe, given the dire state of Israel’s reputation, that we need to focus on what we think is the most critical initiative, one that is virtually ignored by most pro-Israel advocates: destroying the false ‘occupation’ narrative and promoting a moratorium on all peace initiatives and land give-aways via our ‘NO PEACE WITHOUT TRUTH’ campaign. We believe that doing so is the only way to restore Israel’s reputation, and we see this as a critically underserved endeavour.

To that end…

  • TRAINING BOOKLET: We have produced a downloadable training booklet with assistance from Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR.org) that contains original copies of the Mandate For Palestine along with roleplay dialogues. Feel free to print them for your use. Eventually, you’ll be able to order hard copies at reasonable cost.With financial assistance from the brand new Mozuud Freedom Foundation (ITW’s founder, Mark Vandermaas, is a key consultant for the project) that will be launching in the coming weeks, we have distributed nearly 200 hard copies of the booklet to participants in various training seminars led by Mark. One included 77 people from UK, USA, Israel and Canada attending a 2014 conference organized by Return Ministries who were most appreciative of the information presented. (If you’d like to be kept up to date on this project, visit Mozuud.org, and fill in your name and email to become a member)
  • TRAINING VIDEO: We have produced a training video of CILR co-founder Salomon Benzimra speaking about the Mandate’s history and common objections at the 2014 Israel Truth Week conference.
  • INFO-POSTER: We have created a downloadable 20×28″ ‘info-poster‘ that can also be printed as a flyer on 8.5×11 paper.
  • NEW PLATFORM: We will be moving to a new platform that will integrate social media, petitions and events (you’ll be able to upload your own events!).
  • FUTURE INITIATIVES: More protests, rallies, and training. Special days (i.e. Mandate For Jewish Palestine Day). As funds allow, we will produce related ads, billboards and training events, and more.

So far, there are 2 great(!) upcoming events listed for 2015 Israel Truth Week (Feb 22 and March 15 in Toronto); be sure to check them out here. If you have an event of your own you want listed, check out this page..

3. Israel Truth Week really needs your support to keep the project going. We’re grateful for whatever you can afford. You can donate via PayPal or via cheque mailed to: Israel Truth Week, 102-341 Talbot St., London, Ontario, Canada  N6A 2R5.

4. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Israel Truth Week in the past; I am excited about what we will do in the future together.

With Warm Regards,


Mark Vandermaas, Founder
Israel Truth Week