Toronto’s day of unity & action: Jewish Defence League Rally vs. anti-Israel terror supporters


After organizing and supervising their own rally of thousands at the Israel Consulate, Jewish Defence League members and leaders, including National Director Meir Weinstein (holding water bottle left of sign), took time to show support for persecuted Iraqi Christians at a Queen’s Park rally scheduled the same day. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

On Sunday, August 10, 2014 the voices of freedom were loud and they were united:

  1. A morning colloquium offered by the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR);
  2. A flashmob at Roy Thomson Hall organized by Canadians For Israel.
  3. A  rally of thousands of freedom fighters at the Israel consulate organized by the Jewish Defence League (JDL) against the pro-terror forces across the street.
  4. A march of 100+ people from the Israel consulate to Queen’s Park organized by Israel Truth Week, with great support from JDL  to support yet another rally for freedom by thousands of people, this one for persecuted Christians in Iraq.

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Thank you to Jewish Defence League 

After the day was over I sent the following email to the leadership of the JDL:

I am just home from Toronto. I’m going to write about this tomorrow & post pics after some sleep, but couldn’t go to bed without telling you what a great job you did today! I and others very proud of you. Wow. Thanks for asking me to speak and getting Rev El Shafie to come. What an honour. I’ve already heard from his admin person who “heard it was quite the rally today.” (One Free World Int’l is holding a Standing With Israel Solidarity event at a church, date to be verified).

JDL helped me coordinate the ‘walk’ down to the Christian rally at Queen’s Park (as did Canadians For Israel) for Iraqi Christians who really appreciated our presence. I think we had about 125 or more walk down. Wow. Some young JDL guys helped me and they really did you proud with their professionalism and willingness to help made it happen for me/us.

Got a great shot of Zaza and gang in JDL shirts holding a sign supporting the Iraqi Christians. They had an agreement w/QP security not to display any flags, so was very rewarding when everyone (not just JDL) respected their urgent request that we not bring in flags & signs. They were very grateful for that. We were there to support them, and it was great to see my Jewish friends, especially JDL, making their event a success and a time to build relationships. 

JDL organized the sound, the security. JDL supported the Canadians For Israel flashmob with security & generator. Wow.

I’m so impressed by what you guys did today, and what you worked so hard to help others accomplish.

I have always believed in you, and have always seen you as being leaders in the struggle against evil. You showed great leadership today. Take a bow—you deserve it. Honoured to know all of you.

Well done.



Mark Vandermaas, Founder
Israel Truth Week