Six Nations writer suggests boycott of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist reserve newspaper

UPDATE, Aug 5/14: Submission from Six Nations publisher of Turtle Island News; see below.

“Two Row Times” Publishes Anti-Semitic, Pro-Palestinian Article”

By: ‘Deyoyonwatheh,’ July 31/14

100328 CANACE anti-racism rally Caledonia mv 021

100328 Tom Keefer, CUPE 3903, York University, disrupts CANACE anti-racism rally, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada.

(NOTE: all photos added by Israel Truth Week)

Considering that the non-Native General Manager and Editor of “Two Row Times“, TK, is a committed Anarchist and Communist (as I and others have noted over the years), what follows is not a surprise.  The “parade” (aka “protest march”) which shut down Caledonia on a Saturday in the Spring of 2012 was organized by TK, and there were Palestinian flags among those carried by the marchers on that day (I was there).  Therefore it should not be surprising that considering the present events in the Middle East, that any such radical would use whatever platform is available to them to show support for the Palestinians – even though objectively Israel is only attempting to stop the rockets flying toward Israel.

As is clear from the evidence, the terrorists use schools and mosques, and innocent human shields, in the Gaza Strip, where Hamas terrorists are obsessed with killing every Jew (their stated goal).  But to have a Reserve newspaper publish a horribly biased article supporting the Palestinian terrorists is simply unacceptable – and will hopefully impact their advertising revenue.  Recent pro-Palestinian rallies in Toronto include groups of which TK is a member (see here), including just those under the letter “C”, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), and the Communist Party of Canada – both of whose flags were represented in the 2012 “parade” in Caledonia.

The article on page 3 of the 30 July 2014 issue of “Two Row Times” is entitled,Palestine and the Onkwehonwe.  It was written by C(A)N, a filmmaker and lecturer from Kanehsatake Mohawk Territory.  It is profoundly disturbing. […]

Read the rest here, including the author’s question about targeting the paper’s advertisers:



May 2006: ‘Palestinian’ flag flies alongside that of the Mohawk Warrior crime group that terrorized Caledonia while police watched. CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE INFO.

One thought on “Six Nations writer suggests boycott of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist reserve newspaper

  1. This comment was received from the writer via email Aug 05/14 and published as received with her approval:

    I just want to point out an issue with the article on the Two Row Times for clarity and fact, actually.
    As much as Mr. Keefer may try to promote that newsletter as based and owned by Six Nations, it has nothing to do with Six Nations. It is located in a farm house in Brant County owned by Mr. Keefer’s brother, Dr. Keefer at Brantford General Hospital. The publication, according to one of the owners, is owned by three non-native men.
    Mr. Keefer appears to have given himself a “Six Nations” name and is operating a kind of quasi-society out of the farmhouse that he calls the “Two Row Society” and has members from Toronto activist groups etc.,
    While I appreciate your concern with their article, many people at Six Nations have those concerns weekly when the Brant County newspaper comes out, it is not Six Nations based or owned.

    Lynda Powless
    Turtle Island News Publications and Multi-Media Inc.,

    PO Box 329
    2208 Chiefswood Rd.,
    Ohsweken, Ont.,
    N0A 1M0
    519-445-0868/ Fax 519-445-0865

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