TORONTO & LONDON EVENTS vs Islamic terror against Israel

Sunday, July 27, 2-6pm, Queen's Park, Toronto: Canadians for Israel -- ISRAEL, FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY RALLY

Sunday, July 27, 2-6pm, Queen’s Park, Toronto: Canadians for Israel — ISRAEL, FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY RALLY



Pro-Israel protest events this weekend in chronological order. PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY:

1. TORONTO: Saturday, July 26, 2pm, Queen’s Park. Counter-protest against Al Quds Day Rally:

2. LONDON:  Saturday, July 26, 5pm, near NW corner of Victoria Park. Israel Truth Week counter-vigil against pro-Hamas rally organized by Canadian Palestinian Social Association. Bring Israel & Canadian flags. ITW founder Mark Vandermaas will be leading. He can be reached at Please arrive by 5pm sharp if possible.

3. TORONTO: Sunday, July 27, 2pm, Queen’s Park (UPDATED: RALLY WILL TAKE PLACE ON THE SOUTH SIDE, AT THE FRONT OF QUEEN’S PARK). Canadians For Israel Freedom  & Democracy Rally. Multi-speaker event, including ITW founder Mark Vandermaas. Bring Israel & Canadian flags. Make signs with positive messages. See media release below. Please arrive at 2pm sharp if  possible.

– Media Release –


July 25 2014
For Immediate Release:

An extraordinary thing is happening in Toronto! A group of concerned Canadian citizens of different religions, nationalities & politics called an emergency meeting Tuesday night coming together in unity to support Israel, freedom & democracy. Within one hour we had a plan for the Rally at Queen’s Park:

Sunday, July 27th, at 2 p.m, Queen’s Park Circle, North Side

The rally is planned to occur 24 hours after Al Quds – an Iranian Islamist group calling for the death and destruction of Jews and the Jewish Homeland – is scheduled to speak at the same location. While the Al Quds Group are asking for blood and death, Canadians for Israel are coming together to pray for peace, truth and co-existence and hold a peaceful, positive rally.

The amount that has been accomplished within three days is nothing short of astounding. Various factions, Muslims, Christians, Jews, secular and religious, have all come together as a volunteer power force and are organizing a dynamic rally expecting hundreds.

Speakers at the rally include:

Mark Adler, MP for York Centre, Cons
John Carmichael, MP for Don Valley West, Cons
Monte Kwinter, MPP for York Centre, Lib
Tahir Gora, Canadian Thinkers Forum, Muslims Against Anti-Semitism
Donna Holbrook, International Christian Embassy
Rabbi Korobkin, Beth Avraham Yoseph Synagogue Thornhill
Jonathan HaLevi, Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs
Mark Vandermaas, Israel Truth Week
Vivienne Ziner, Tazpit News Agency

Media contacts:
Toby Trompeter Robert Walker
416 633 8837; 647 808 8837 647-460-4248; 416-783-4456




Mark Vandermaas, Founder
Israel Truth Week