Israel Truth Week updates, March 10/14


A lot of exciting Israel Truth Week developments…Every guest receives a free Israel Truth Week lapel pin! (actual size = 1"x3/4")

1. Free ITW pins for every registered guest of the 2014 Israel Truth Week conference in Toronto: Thanks to a special donor, we are again able to provide all registered attendees of the 2014 conference with this beautiful, free, Canadian-made Israel Truth Week lapel pin (actual size = 1″x3/4″). (If you haven’t registered yet, please do so. The conference is free, but we need to plan for our kosher light lunch which is also free.)

2. Mantua Books, publisher of pro-freedom/pro-Israel books by people like David Solway and Salim Mansur, is now not only donating 50% of book sales to our featured charity – Canadian Magen David Adom for Israel (CMDAI), but will also be donating 50% of art sales as well! The work to the right is ‘Western Wall JHoward Rotberg (Mantua Books) digital art: Western Wall Jerusalemerusalem.’

3. Reminder: Please support ITW by supporting this year’s charity! CMDAI has set up a special Israel Truth Week account for advance online donations. Our goal is to raise $25,000 for the unsung heroes of Israel’s ambulance service. Donations $10 and over will earn a receipt for income tax purposes.

HOW TO DONATE: Please visit CMDAI’s donation page, click on ‘DONATE NOW’, then use the ‘Fund/Designation’ drop-down menu to choose ‘ISRAEL TRUTH WEEK-CMDA.’ All our speakers have donated their time, so when you support CMDAI, you are supporting Israel Truth Week. Whatever gift you can provide is greatly appreciated.

4. Israel Truth Week in Boston, Massachusetts, USA! On April 1/14 Rabbi Jonathan Hausman of the Ahaveth Congregation is presenting two great experts — Islam scholar Dr. Andrew Bostom and intelligence expert Clare Lopez: ‘Nuclear Jihad: Understanding Iran’s War Against Israel And The West.’ Details on the Find An Event page.

Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights founders SalomonBenzimra & GoldiSteiner w/Israel Truth Week founder MarkVandermaas, 2013 Israel Truth Week conference, March 5/13 1303055. Israel Truth Week in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: Yesterday, March 9/14, the Never Again Group presented Israel Land Rights expert Salomon Benzimra and Israel Truth Week founder Mark Vandermaas at Adas Israel Congregation. The audience was very moved, some to tears, at the realization that Jews are ‘owners not occupiers’ because they have a ‘land title deed’ from the ‘original two-state solution‘ — the League of Nations Mandate For Palestine.’ Mark brought copies of his ‘Rules For Freedom Activists: Israel Advocacy Edition‘ which will also be distributed at the conference on March 23 (get a sneak peak here). Rabbi Green (the elder) thanked the speakers and the Never Again Group for ‘bringing truth inside his synagogue.’

Salomon and Mark presented at the Village Shul in January, and will speak again at the 2014 conference.If you would like a more in-depth presentation for your organization contact Mark Vandermaas, 519.457.0709,

Christine Williams6. Next Israel Truth Week event in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: On Wednesday, March 19/14 at 7pm the Never Again Group will present the dynamic journalist, writer and television host Christine Williams in ‘Ignoring Christian Persecution While Promoting Israeli Apartheid.’ Details, including Christine’s remarkable bio, on the Find An Event page.

7. Eric Grief, nephew of Israel land rights scholar Howard Grief to speak. Our 2014 conference is honouring the late Howard Grief who passed in 2013. Howard’s nephew has graciously agreed to say a few words about the uncle who spent 25 years of his life documenting the rights of Jewish people to the land of Palestine in his masterpiece, ‘The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel Under International Law.

8. Israel Truth Week in Toronto at Congregation Darchei Noam, Toronto, April 6/14: ‘The Jewish Exodus From Arab Lands 1947-1967, Part Five Of Five: The Jews of Libya.’ Details on the Find AIsrael Truth Week n Event page.

9. Take a stand against Jew Hatred Week (AKA ‘Israel Apartheid Week’) with an Israel Truth Week ‘badge’ on your website: Here’s how.