Toronto Event: Israel Advocacy Training Workshop, Sunday, Jan 26/14

League of Nations 'Mandate For Palestine' 1922

League of Nations ‘Mandate For Palestine’ 1922. Click for download page.

UPDATES (last update Mar 06/14)

1. Mark Vandermaas’ presentation notes & learning aid handout are available for download. Mark’s presentation received a standing ovation and many positive comments afterwards.

  • Mark Vandermaas presentation, Israel Advocacy Training Workshop, Village Shul, Toronto, Jan 26/14: ‘Rules For Freedom Activists‘ [Presentation notes + learning aid handout; PDF, 11p]
  • Learning aid handout only (updated Mar 06/14): Rules For Freedom Activists: Israel Advocacy Edition [PDF,  8p]

During his presentation, Mark held up an ‘original’ copy of Israel’s ‘land title deed’ from the League of Nations, The Mandate For Palestine. Copies in text & PDF formats can now be downloaded at a new feature page on the Israel Truth Week website (see link above). Each copy includes a basic summary prepared with assistance from Salomon Benzimra of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR).

2. Toronto activist Vivienne Grace Ziner filled in for Dr. Gauthier who was called away on important business. She has been active in confronting city council support for anti-Israel gays and helped found Stop Sponsoring The Hatred. She delivered a passionate speech that opened with some insight — from her earlier advertising career in Washington  — into what she calls the “brilliant, long range, strategic, well planned campaign to disenfranchise, isolate and demonize Israel and the Jewish people” and expressed her dismay that their leaders failed to grasp what was happening:

I am angry and frustrated that we – the Jews/the Israelis – didn’t realize what was happening, that our leaders have been too smug and too self congratulatory not to see what was happening and to have reacted and responded.

  • Vivienne Grace Ziner presentation, Israel Advocacy Training Workshop, Village Shul, Toronto, Jan 26/14:PDF, 9p]

3. Presentation videos are being posted online as they are produced:


Israel Truth Week founder Mark Vandermaas will be speaking at an Israel advocacy training workshop on Jan 26/14 along with internationally known scholars and experts on Israel and her land rights such as Dr. Mordechai Kedar; Dr. Jacques Gauthier; Richard Bass; Salomon Benzimra, and Yehudit Shier Weisberg.

The workshop is organized by The Village Shul, 1072 Eglinton Ave. W., Toronto from 2-9pm, and registration is just $20. Click here to register.


At a time when Israel is releasing more mass-murdering Arab terrorists in response to US pressure to force a new ‘two-state solution’ to the Middle East it is vital for friends of justice and truth to understand Israel’s rights to Judea/Samaria under international law and how to effectively advocate for those rights.

Readers can get a sense of Mark’s presentation here:

Mark Vandermaas
Israel Truth Week