Media Release: Non-Jewish groups join forces for daily Israel Truth Week Vigil at York University, March 11-15, 11-1pm

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JOINT MEDIA RELEASE: March 08, 2013  [PDF]

 ‘Non-Jewish groups join forces for Israel Truth Week Vigil at York University, March 11-15, 11:00am -1:00 pm daily

The Canadian Patriotic Society (CPS), led by Ms. Shobie Kapoor who spearheaded the petition drive to keep Omar Khadr out of Canada, is holding a daily ‘Israel Truth Week Vigil’ between 11am-1pm, from Monday March 11th until Friday March 15th inclusive at the Founders Road entrance to York University (off Steeles Ave. W., between Jane & Keele; MAP: The purpose of this vigil is to show solidarity with Jewish students and their families so they know they are not alone when dealing with campus anti-Semitic hate campaigns.

We encourage all pro-Israel groups & individuals – Jewish and non-Jewish — to join us to help send a strong message that racism and hate directed against Jewish students is not acceptable.

Parliamentarians condemn IAW

The Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney; the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Bob Rae; and MPs such as Conservative Marc Adler and Liberal Joyce Murray – herself a former citizen of South Africa who “lived out the harms and injuries caused…by the policies of Apartheid”  each condemned, in their own way, the intrinsic anti-Semitism and intolerance of the Israel Apartheid activities [LINK].

From Bob Rae: “Israeli Apartheid Week continues to defy logic and the cause of social justice. From MP Adler: [These views] are a disgrace and their hate-filled words and tactics must be condemned by all who believe in freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. I urge all members to join me in condemning this ugly smear campaign.”

Israel Truth Week and the Canadian Patriotic Society agree: ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ is about attacking values. Israel stands as a proxy for all the liberal democratic values that we in the West hold dear: Respect for the rule of law; freedom of expression; freedom of religion, and the right to be treated equally before the law and to be protected equally by the law. People who share those values are being attacked, persecuted and terrorized, even murdered. Israel Truth Week is not just about religion or borders, it is about defending those values and the people who hold them whether they live in Israel or in Canada.”

 Additional Israel Truth Week events  

  • TORONTO – Ryerson University, March 14, 6:30pm: Ryerson Israeli Student Association/Ryerson Campus Conservatives present author Salomon Benzimra who will present research from his book, ‘The Jewish People’s Rights to the Land of Israel.’ Mr. Benzimra was a presenter at the recent 2013 Israel Truth Week Conference as was ISA President, Eitan Gilboord.  [LINK]
  • HAMILTON – Hamilton Christian Fellowship, March 18, 7pm;
    LONDON – Royal View Church, March 20, 7pm:
    Screening of award-winning documentary Precious Life, the story of an Israeli doctor who saves the life of a Palestinian child only to discover that the mother supports suicide bombers. [LINK]

About the Canadian Patriotic Society (

The Canadian Patriotic Society unites Canadians who are concerned about public safety, national security and justice. They opposed the repatriation of Omar Khadr and presented Roxanne James, M.P. for Scarborough Central with a petition requesting that the Government of Canada try Omar Khadr for treason under the laws of Canada for his actions against coalition forces in Afghanistan.

About Israel Truth Week (

The mission of Israel Truth Week is to promote a truthful image of Israel; to assist pro-Israel organizations stand up for Israel; and to let Jewish students and their families know they are not alone when faced with Israel Apartheid Week vilification. Our approach is promote a peaceful, determined, reasoned, unified response to anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism – on and off campus. ITW seeks to provide an identity under which organizations and individuals can respond to ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ activities in their home campuses and cities.


Israel Truth Week
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 Canadian Patriotic Society
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