Israel Truth Week Updates – March 01/13

There are a number of very exciting developments in the final days before the 2013 Israel Truth Week Conference:

120307 SUN TV, 'Israel Truth Week': Michael Coren-Mark Vandermaas-Stuart Laughton

“The resistance has begun!,” Michael Coren

1. Final-program is now available for download on conference page.

2. Watch SUN TV’s ‘The Arena’ w/Michael Coren next week: Cathy Lanyard, Executive Director of Friends of ALYN Hospital, who is flying up from NYC to be with us (we’re trying to raise $25K for her sick & disabled kids in Jerusalem), as is ITW allyRabbi Jonathan Hausman from Boston, will be recording segments next Monday. Possibly also… our new keynote finale speaker, Rev. Majed El Shafie.

Help the heroic children of ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem. Click here to make their lives a little easier.

Help the heroic children of ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem. Click here to make their lives a little easier.

3. If you can’t be with us at the conference…would you consider helping Cathy’s kids? Even a $5 donation helps, and it’s for a great cause: Alyn treats kids of all races and religions, and their annual operating budget is about the same as a medium-sized hospital in the USA…for ONE week. Click here for the special ALYN/Israel Truth Week donation page.

4. ITW keynote presenter Rev. Majed El Shafie spoke at the United Nations last Thursday at a conference organized by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) before the group presented a draft convention to the UN to stop the incitement to terror. We are thrilled to have him as our finale speaker next Wednesday evening.

Tahir Aslam Gora, Muslim Committee Against Antisemitism5. NEW Day 1 speaker: Tahir Aslam Gora, Founder of Muslim Committee Against Antisemitism, will step in to replace Shobie Kapoor of the Canadian Patriotic Society who was, regretfully, called out of town for a family emergency. His topic: ‘A Muslim Case Against Anti-Semitism.’ Come and meet Tahir at the ITW Tradeshow in the large lobby of Victory International Church, our venue. We are honoured to have Tahir with us, and I think you will want to hear what he has to say when you read what he already has said about freedom, anti-Semitism and Islamic extremism:

Tahir will also be speaking March 10th at a special event organized by the Muslim Committee Against Antisemitism at Mississauga’s Promenade Art Gallery from 2-6pm, 943 B Lakeshore Road East between Dixie & Cawthra. The event’s theme is, ‘Why is it important for Muslims to recognize Israel’s right to exist in order to curb prevailing Anti-Semitism within the Muslim Diaspora?’ Complimentary treats & refreshments included. More info: 905.320.0906,

Ryerson Israeli Student Association6. NEW Day 2 speaker: Eitan Gilboord, President of Ryerson Israeli Student Association, Ryerson University. His topic: ‘Combatting Anti-Semitism At Ryerson University.’ Eitan’s organization has become the first student group to organize an event under the Israel Truth Week name; on March 14/13 Author Salomon Benzimra will present ‘The Jewish Peoples’ Rights To The Land of Israel’ on campus. More details on the Find An Event page. Welcome Eitan!

7. The Hamilton Jewish Federation promoted the ITW conference this week to their members. Many thanks!

8. The Toronto Zionist Council included an announcement re ITW on its front page thanks to a submission by Goldi Steiner, Chair of Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights (CILR). Thank you Goldi and TZC.

9. The Canadian Jewish News also included an announcement about the ITW conference, again thanks to a submission by Goldi Steiner of CILR. (Goldi has been very busy supporting ITW!)

Precious Life movie cover10. Rev. Joe Campbell is hosting an ITW event at Royal View Church in London, ON (site of the inaugural 2012 ITW conference). The event will be a screening of the documentary, ‘Precious Life,’ a story about an Israeli doctor who saves the life of a Palestinian child whose mother supports suicide bombers. More details on the Find An Event page. Reverend Joe will be blowing the shofar for us at the open of each day of the conference.

11. A Hamilton church has tentatively agreed to host a screening of ‘Precious Life’ on March 18th. Still working out details. Watch the Find An Event page.

There are other things happening behind the scenes that cannot be announced, but be assured that excitement is building as news of Israel Truth Week and our message spreads across provincial and international borders.

POSTED BY: Mark Vandermaas, Israel Truth Week,