Israel Truth Week updates – Feb 16/13

Shobie Kapoor STRUTT 500pxHere are the latest updates for the Israel Truth Week Conference in Hamilton, March 5-6…

1. SHOBIE KAPOOR TO SPEAK: Very pleased to advise you that Shobie Kapoor, the young lady who led the charge to try to keep Omar Khadr out of Canada, co-founder of the Canadian Patriotic Society, has agreed to speak at the Israel Truth Week conference on Day 1 during the afternoon session. Her topic will be, ‘An East Indian-Canadian’s Case For Israel.’ She is an amazing woman with a beautiful heart and a determination to act. We are lucky to have her with us.

A new agenda is available on the conference page.

2. MEETINGS WITH JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS: The Never Again Group (sponsors of the McMaster U keynote finale for Tammi-Rossman-Benjamin of U of California) and I have had meetings with various Jewish organizations to introduce ourselves; all have given us warm welcomes. I do not know, as of this moment, whether they will be helping us to publicize this year’s conference, but I suspect by 2014 one or more will be on board. This is a long term project to build relationships and unity, and so patience is required.

Precious Life movie cover3. CAMPUS ITW EVENTS: The Never Again Group and I are in talks with various students and concerned organizations/citizens to develop a response to Israel Apartheid Week at several campuses in Southern Ontario.

4. LONDON ITW EVENT: Rev. Joe Campbell of London, ON is organizing an ITW event at Royal View Church, the venue for the first ITW conference last year. The event will be a screening of the movie Precious Life (Israeli dr. saves Palestinian child whose mother supports suicide bombers) to take place March 20. Event is in support of the Magen David Adom (Israeli ambulance service). Details have been posted on the ‘Find An Event’ page.

2013 Israel Truth Week lapel pin5. ISRAEL TRUTH WEEK PIN: A kindly benefactor from the Never Again Group has agreed to pay for a supply of lapel pins in order to help promote ITW. This is a virtual sample of what they will look like. The actual size will be 1x 3/4″. They will be given away to guests, speakers and volunteers:

Gary McHale speaks at 120321 Israel Truth Week Conference, London, ON, Canada

Click the image to watch Gary’s speech from the 2012 Israel Truth Week conference: ‘Dr. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail: A Blueprint for Victory Over Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism’

6. ITW SPEAKER GARY MCHALE TO SPEAK AT ‘FREEDOM’ SYMPOSIUM: On April 20/13 my Caledonia ally, friend and Israel Truth Week speaker/supporter Gary McHale (recently awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal) will speak at the Freedom Press symposium, ‘Freedom in Canada: Tribute or Eulogy?’ along with other illuminaries such as William Gairdner, David Solway, Barbara Kay, and Farzana Hassan. His upcoming book will also be announced as well.

Gary & I will be addressing the critical issues associated with Caledonia, and why Jews should care about them at the conference. Pls see the agenda here.

7. CONFERENCE MAP: VENUES + HOTEL INFO: I have been getting inquiries about hotels in the area, so I have created a special google map showing 2 hotels in relation to the venues: It is also posted on the main conference page below — see link below my signature. Both are just 5 mins from Victory International Church.

8. HELP THE HEROIC CHILDREN OF ALYN HOSPITAL: If you can, would you please consider making a donation at our special Israel Truth Week page on the ALYN website? Donations are definitely tax deductible for Canadians:

Click image to visit ALYN's children...

This wonderful hospital treats children in Jerusalem irrespective of race or religion. Our goal is to raise $25K during the ITW conference campaign to convince Cathy Lanyard, President of Canadian Friends of ALYN, to come up again next year to spend nearly a week in Canada for this event. That’s right — Cathy is flying up from New York City just to be with us for the entire conference!

Both Cathy and her kids would be very grateful for your generous support.

9. For those who missed it ITW was on the front page of Shalom Toronto this week.

130214 Shalom Toronto cover Caledonia Warrior - HEBREWThank you to all who have offered your support and encouragement. This has been a very exciting few months!



Mark Vandermaas
Israel Truth Week