Israel loses a daughter and defender – Rose Lax of Hamilton’s Never Again Group

sadUPDATED — I am very sad to to report that Rose Lax, a passionate advocate for Israel who was the driving force behind Hamilton’s Never Again Group, passed away on the weekend. She will be interned in Jerusalem on May 01/12 at 1:30pm at Bait Hesped, Har HaMenuchot Cemetary. A Shloshim Memorial service will take place at the Adas Israel Congregation in Hamilton on Wednesday, May 30/12 at 7:30pm.

The announcement from Adas Israel describes Rose as… 

Beloved mother of Daisy, mother-in-law of Kent, grandmother of Olivia, Asher & Ben. Passionate defender of the Jewish People & Israel.”

 I met Rose and many of her Never Again Group allies – Jewish and non-Jewish – on April 11/11 at a memorial service for the Fogel family who were massacred by Palestinian terrorists in their home. Afterwards, they insisted on knowing more about the Caledonia situation and understanding why Jews should be involved. Members of the Never Again Group later came to stand with us there, and they travelled to London for my 2011 Blue Beret vigil, and for the Israel Truth Week Conference that Rose helped make possible; it was Rose who stepped up to cover the costs of the room expenses which I would have been quite unable to pay without her help.

NAG logo red lgI was honoured to have been invited to speak – with Rose in the audience – at the Never Again Group’s first public event organized to counter Israel Apartheid Week  held at McMaster University on March 20/12. Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, who recently flew up from Boston to ride the bus with us to the National Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony was also a speaker that night along with Dr. Peter Marshall of the Victory International Church. The rabbi shared these thoughts with us about Rose’s passing:

My Friends,
Rose LaxThe traditional Jewish response upon receiving the news of the death of someone is “Baruch Dayan Emet-Blessed is the Righteous Judge.” It is far beyond our limited capacity to understand the unfolding of the universe when confronted by such a loss. This phrase reminds us that there events beyond our control, that are incomprehensible, and that we mourn with all of those amongst the Jewish people who have suffered loss.
Rose’s strength, tenacity, perspicacity are legendary. She knew purpose and incorporated such in her approach to life, and her uncompromising support for the State of Israel. She was truly a sentinel along the watchtower as described in Ezekiel 33:7-11.
If her life has taught us any lesson, it is this…do not shrink in the face of danger, do not withdraw in the heat of battle, do not compromise when such compromise will imperil Jewish security, understand the centrality of G-d working in our lives and never, ever let the light of freedom, liberty and democracy be extinguished.
Zichonah livracha, may her memory always serve us an abiding blessing leading us to lives of sanctity and consecration.
Rabbi Jonathan Hausman
Stoughton, MA 
Statement in House of Commons re Rose Lax
David Sweet, MP – Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale
May 18, 2012
  • MP David Sweet, May 18/12: Rose Lax Tribute in House of Commons [VIDEO, 1:01] 
– TEXT –
Mr. Speaker, the nations of Canada and Israel, and, indeed, the Jewish community in Hamilton and around the world, lost a remarkable friend at the end of April with the sudden passing of Rose Lax.

Remarkable because she was born in a displaced persons camp to survivors of the Holocaust and yet grew to become an individual lauded for having changed the Jewish political landscape of North America.

Remarkable because of her tireless work to empower university students against the scourge of anti-Semitism on campuses.

Remarkable because Israeli member of the Knesset, Bennie Begin, son of the sixth Israeli prime minister, spoke of the very special connection he felt with Rose and the Lax family since the time of his parents.

We lost a woman of outstanding character and heart in Rose Lax. I, along with my colleagues, the Hon. Stockwell Day and the member for Nepean—Carleton, offer our sincere condolences to Rose’s family.

 We will miss you, Rose.
Mark Vandermaas, Founder
Israel Truth Week

7 thoughts on “Israel loses a daughter and defender – Rose Lax of Hamilton’s Never Again Group

  1. I only met Rose once, and corresponded with her occasionally. In spite of our brief encounter, i was most impressed by her persona, and her finesse. i am profoundly shocked and saddened by her loss.

  2. When one of us dies, all the world is changed. Thank you Rose. I didn’t know you but I appreciated you. So sorry for those left behind who will miss her and remember her amazing life.
    Carol R.

  3. Our condolences to the family and friends of Rose Lax. It is never easy to lose someone close, but it helps to remember that the One who allows death also resurrects the dead, and it is His desire to unite us all again in His presence in Ha’Aretz. May the Creator of us all give you light in these dark ages and lead you to that day. Amein.

  4. She was an amazing, courageous person. A real lover of Israel, the Jewish people, and a beloved leader of our Never Again Group.
    I met Rose many years ago in Hamilton. Sylvia Feldt Carr was trying to raise money to help raise ransom money to free Syrian Jews , as they were in peril. Rose donated a large sum, as was dedicated to helping win their release. I was in awe then of her caring, and fighting spirit.
    She had a way in empowering us, and was so dedicated that she was an inspiration.
    She will truly be missed.
    Sima Aronowicz

  5. Rose Lax, our Eshet Chayil ( Woman of Valor) “opened her mouth in wisdom, and the lesson of kindness was on her tongue…strength and honour were her clothing”…

    Rose so passionately cared about making our world a better place, her passing has left a very deep void. She was our torch of inspiration, always putting words into action.

    My most sincere and heartfelt condolences to Rose’s family, friends and all who were honoured to have known her.

    I am so very sad and will truly miss our Rose.


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  7. To friends and readers of this link thankyou for your kind thoughts. In truth Rose would have been somewhat uncomfortable with her new elevated status. She saw herself as part of a movement. As one voice among equals. To Rose defeating those who lie, hate and encourage violence against Jews and Israel had to be stopped. It was existential. Between tears I have been struggling( for myself) to summarize my friend’s politics,life and impact. I am not yet up to the task. I feel I may never be and am beginning to think it is less and less important. I can tell you that Rose only understood action. Jews and Israel are threatened—ACT. Do something– anything– just do not live on your knees. In keeping with my friend’s passionate desire for privacy in her personal live I have refrained from engaging in discourse and will continue to do so. Those closest to Rose have been talked with and encouraged to continue their defense of Jews and Israel in the face of a tragic and painful loss. Those in NAG were very close to her heart because of their intelligence, committment,support and integrity. I thank all of you for what you provided to Rose.
    Her friend.

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