2012 Conference VIDEO: Gary McHale – afternoon keynote

120321 Israel Truth Week Conference, London, ON, Canada: Gary McHale, afternoon keynote speaker Our videography sponsor Just Right Media has just released the first video from the 2012 Israel Truth Week Conference. Gary McHale’s keynote speech for the afternoon session was a crowd favourite, and it is now available on video:

  • Israel Truth Week Conference, March 21/12: Gary McHale speech: “Dr. King’s ‘Letter From Birmingham Jail’: A Blueprint for Victory Over Anti-Israelism and Anti-Semitism
    [VIDEO, 39.42; NOTES, 13p]
  • Israel Truth Week Conference, March 21/12: Conference feature page

This video of Gary’s speech inside a church is attracting praise from as far away as Manitoba from those who have watched it, and listened to his Biblical defence of Israel, the Biblical case against anti-Semitism, and his inspiring call to action — for Christians especially —  that we must be prepared to pay a price for justice and equality and the other values we profess to believe in. Spoken, of course, by a man who has more than earned the right to speak on the subject.

120321 Gary McHale, afternoon keynote, Israel Truth Week Conference, London, ON, CanadaAs someone who has worked side-by-side with Gary for 5 years, I can assure you that this is the real Gary McHale, as most people have never seen him, sharing the strength and motivation that comes from his Christian faith:

From one Caledonia supporter to Gary:

“That is the best delivery that I have heard you make. Clear, concise, to the point! You used wonderful phrases emphasizing the certainty of persecution if you confront injustice with the ugly truth.”

From an Israel Truth Week Conference attendee:

Just watched Gary’s March 21 afternoon session presentation—it really is superb.”

From a Christian leader in Manitoba:

120321 2012 Israel Truth Week Conference, London, ON, Canada: Meir Weinstein-Salim Mansur-Rabbi Jonathan Hausman-Mark Vandermaas-Mary Lou Ambrogio-Rev. Joe Campbell-Pesach Ovadyah-Gary McHale“Hello Gary: I just wanted you to know that your message at the pro Israel meeting at the church was just fantastic. I can not say enough good things about what you said from beginning to end. I have passed it on to several pastor friends. You have every respect that I can offer to you. I want to say thank you again. I have never met you, but you are one of my heroes. God Bless you my brother.”

As I told Gary when his presentation was over, “I have been waiting 5 years for you to give this speech.”

When you are watching Gary’s speech please keep in mind that this man, who has won numerous court victories —  including at Ontario’s Court of Appeal — against the brightest legal minds that Ontario’s tax dollars can buy, has had no formal legal training and he suffers from a serious reading and writing disability that he constantly works to overcome.

Many thanks to Just Right Media’s Robert Vaughan for an outstanding production. The sound and video quality is superb. 

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