Israel Truth Week update – March 20/12

Israel Truth Week

1. A detailed program is now available for the 2012 Israel Truth Week Conference taking place this Wednesday in London: [PDF, 2p]. The format is a fast-paced series of presentations, interspersed with some short videos, designed to get some different perspectives from speakers you’ve probably never heard before, and to help create some relationships.

2. An opportunity to remember: I have been contacted by an employee of the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem which is offering to provide transportation to Ottawa to attend the 2012 National Holocaust Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Canadian War Museum on April 23, 2012. I’ll be sending out a notice to my mailing list after the Israel Truth Week Conference is over, so if you think you’d like to go, and you’re not on my mailing list, please send me an email so I can keep you informed.  If you’re coming on Wednesday be sure to add your email address to our sign-up sheet in the lobby.

3. Help us keep a friend of Israel warm and dry: Don’t forget, admission to the 2012 Israel Truth Week Conference this coming Wednesday is free, but we’re hoping you can help us achieve our goal of raising $10K to repair the leaky roof at Royal View Church, our venue. You can donate easily and securely online at – click on ‘DONATE’ in the top right. BE SURE TO INCLUDE ‘Roof Fund’ in the memo section. We’ll also have a donation table inside on the day of the event.

4. Another Israel blood libel: UN staffer circulates false photo of “another child killed by Israel”:

“[…] The story line was clear: the murderous Israeli military had killed another Palestinian child in Gaza. “The child in the photograph, Raha aja Abu Shaban, actually died in a tragic playground accident in 2006. The photograph was distributed back in 2006 in an attempt to convince the world that Raha had been killed during an Israeli air strike.

“This week, the image was circulated again – by an employee of the United Nations. In fact, Khulood Badawi is not any old UN staffer. She works for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs as an information and media coordinator in Jerusalem. Badawi is entrusted by the 193 members of the UN – including Israel and the US – to disseminate accurate information about Israel and the Palestinian territories to the world’s media and the public.

“When we say that the deck is stacked against Israel in this communications battle that takes place alongside violent conflict between Israel and Palestinian terror groups, this is what we mean.” […]

Mark Vandermaas
Israel Truth Week