Israel Truth Week update – March 14/12

Israel Truth Week

NOTE (UPDATED): my computer is back home from the shop so I have email service once again. Thanks to those who forwarded a link to this update. Mark Vandermaas.

1. Hamas rocket attacks against civilians in Israel: During the past weekend Hamas has launched over 200 rockets targeting civilians in Israel. Our prayers go out to the Israeli people, and to the innocent Palestinians who have been hurt or killed as the Israel Defence Forces work to put an end to these war crimes: 

2. ‘Landmark Report’ Editor-in-Chief Andrew Lawton to speak at Israel Truth Week Conference: We are pleased to announce that the Editor-in-Chief of the Landmark Report, London’s own Andrew Lawton, will be speaking during the afternoon session of the Israel Truth Week Conference on March 21st. in place of Leila Paul who, unfortunately, has had to withdraw for health reasons. Andrew’s talk will be entitled, ‘The Need for Israel.’ In 2011 Andrew visited Israel and attended lectures at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial centre in Jerusalem along with other Canadian journalists.

An updated brochure is available here.

3. Israel Truth Week organizer Mark Vandermaas to appear on London-based CHJX 105.9 ‘Inspire’ FM Christian radio as the guest of host Andrew Lawton on Thursday, March 15/12. Andrew’s show airs from 1:00-3:00pm, and Mark will be on at/after 2pm.  Listen online here.

4. Israel Truth Week organizer Mark Vandermaas will be interviewed by the Jewish Tribune on Friday, March 16th. It was Joanne Hill’s article in the Tribune about the intimidation of Jewish students at Western University which inspired the creation of the Israel Truth Week Conference.  Hill’s article about the ITW Conference will appear on Tuesday, March 20th. Joanne Hill also covered Mark’s ‘Blue Beret’ vigil at the London mosque which was carried out in protest of the mosque’s support for the Boat to Gaza.

5. Can you help fix the roof for a friend of Israel? We’re trying to raise $10K for roof repairs for our venue, Royal View Church. We’ll take donations on the day of the conference, but you can donate easily and securely online. Just go to and click ‘DONATE’ in the top right. Be sure to include ‘roof fund’ in the memo section so we know how much was raised. Thanks!

6. Never Again Group hosts Rabbi Jonathan Hausman next Tuesday, March 20th at McMaster University in Hamilton. Details on the ‘Find An Event‘ page. Israel Truth Week organizer Mark Vandermaas will also be speaking.


Mark Vandermaas
Israel Truth Week