Israel Truth Week update – March 08/12

1. Israel Truth Week logoBABYSITTING: For those who attend the evening session of the Israel Truth Week Conference on March 21st at Royal View Church in London, babysitting for ages 4-11 is available from 6:15 – 8:00 PM (event ends at 9:30pm) during the church’s regular kids’ program. The church nursery will be available to parents, but will not be staffed.

2. CAN YOU HELP A FRIEND OF ISRAEL FIX ITS ROOF? Our goal is to raise $10K for our venue the Royal View Church in London so it can repair a leaky roof. You can make advance donations online AND  receive an income tax receipt! Its easy…just click ‘DONATE’ on the upper right corner of this page; and don’t forget to write ‘Roof Fund’ in the memo section so we know how much was raised. 
“I saw you and the gentleman whose name escapes me now whose parents were from Holland on the Michael Coren show.  I just wanted to write a note of thanks for the work you do and tell you your organization is very much appreciated.  My parents were Holocaust survivors from Poland.  Dad was first in the Polish army and later my parents ran eastwards to Russia where my dad w as mobilized with the Russian army.  Around 1947 or 48 my parents immigrated to Amsterdam, Holland where I was born in 1949. Anyways, many thanks again, xxxx, Toronto”
“Mark, I saw you tonight on Coren Show – Sun Media.  Great idea. The Israel Apartheid Week has been getting my goat for past few years.”
‘RESIST ISRAELI APARTHEID WEEK’ Received an email from the Jewish Info News ( with a link to their own anti-IAW video: Resist Israeli Apartheid Weeks 2012.
A comment to a post on VoiceofCanada about the Israel Truth Week Conference:
“As a Jew, I need to say Toda Rabba (Thank you very much)! I’ve family in Israel, I’ve also lost family due to the bombings in Sderot. You are blessed! Torah, in Genesis 12 teaches that HaShem will bless those who bless us. I’ve also many Palestinian friends who have left Palestine because of their own government. I’ve tears of pride in because of you, my fellow Canadians standing up for what’s right! Your support of my people, and my homeland (I’m a Canadian born Jew, but my historical and ancestral ties are to the land), is beyond words, Thank you all!”

My Reply: Thanks for the kind words and the blessings. I think I need all I can get. I’m sorry about your family members. The justification of the use of violence against innocent people as a political tool is a most despicable one indeed, and is a cornerstone of the IAW movement, just as it is when they ‘justify’ the native militants’ violence against the people of Caledonia.

Now that we’ve commiserated…go out and do something. Organize an anti-IAW event and let’s get it listed at If you’re in the Toronto-London region, plan to come to the Israel Truth Week Conference. Or why don’t you see if your shul will invite me in to speak about ITW? I always like to hear compliments, but the real music to my ears is learning about what others are doing to take a stand. The hour is late and the voices are still too few. This is not a time to be silent. Timid salespeople have skinny kids!

I understand the love for Israel. I felt it when I was there. It truly is a magical place. If I couldn’t live in Canada I think I would love to live in Israel. Can’t wait to go back. Mark

“Thank you so very much for this fine work. As a teacher, it concerns me that our young people are being led astray, both ideologically and in terms of de facto truth. I cannot believe my eyes as I witness the specious kinds of argumentation that is used to burkanize the truth about Israel. If it weren’t true it would be laughable.”You are indeed a blessing. I am not Jewish, but as anyone with any modicum of intelligence can discern, I can see the great value of getting this message out. We must reclaim our young people. The pied piper is playing as frenetically as he can – and too many of them are being led astray.”Peace on you as you continue your work. Do not stop. Continue this fight. It is our nation and the nation of a good, ingenius people that are at stake.”
One reader sent a link to a comprehensive reference about the validity of the title Israel holds to the land in Palestine:
The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law
by Howard Grief

A book review….


By William Mehlman, from

“With The Legal Foundation and Borders of Israel under International Law (Mazo Publishers, Jerusalem) Canadian-born Israeli constitutional scholar and lawyer Howard Grief has given us a book that shatters every myth, lie, misrepresentation and distortion employed over the 61 years of Israel’s existence to negate the sovereign rights of the Jewish People to their national home.

“It is a lengthy treatise – 660 pages plus a 50-page appendix – but the Jewish people’’s long and tortuous struggle to retrieve their stolen patrimony deserves nothing less than full disclosure. Anyone who has ever been at a loss to counter the slanders and calumnies that are the stock in trade of the Israel-bashers and anti-Semites on both the Left and Right will treasure every one of its 20 illuminating chapters.” […]


And finally, one writer sent a link to an article he’d written entitled, The holy city belongs to Jews, in which he discusses the arguments by Dr. Jacques P. Gauthier that the entire West Bank and Jerusalem legally belongs to the Jewish people.


Thanks to all who have taken time to write; I am humbled by your support. Shalom.

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5. CAN YOU HELP? I’m still looking for about $800 to cover other conference expenses. If you can help I would be very grateful. Any funds left over will be donated to the Royal View Church roof fund…
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