Israel Truth Week Update – March 07/12

Israel Truth Week logo“Michael Coren re. Israel Truth Week v. IAW: “The resistance has begun!”
Israel Truth Week organizer Mark Vandermaas & Never Again Group spokesperson Stuart Laughton appeared with Michael Coren today on Canada’s national conservative broadcaster, SUN News Network:
A pleasant homecoming gift: I arrived home to London after making the 4 hour round trip to Toronto for the taping of the Michael Coren show to find a message telling me that someone named ‘Max’ had made a donation to help us reach our goal of raising $10K to repair the church’s leaking roof. What a nice surprise. Have you made your donation yet, to help this great friend of Israel? It’s really couldn’t be easier…just click ‘DONATE’ at the upper right corner of this page and follow the instructions. Just remember to put ‘roof fund’ in the memo section so we can know how much was raised. Every bit counts. Thankyou so much.
 A pleasant homecoming gift, part 2: I also received a message from a friend telling me that friends of theirs had seen Stuart Laughton and I on SUN TV today and were so excited they were planning to drive all the way to London from St. Catharines to attend, something they normally wouldn’t do.
A pleasant homecoming gift, part 3Also waiting for me was an email from a lady named ‘Grace’ who wondered if their were any groups in her area – Manitoba. I told her to start with a group of one – herself. If you’re thinking it’s time you stood up and did something instead of waiting for someone else to do it first, contact a Jewish students’ group in your area. Here in London, it’s the Israel On Campus folk which is part of ‘Hillel.’ Don’t worry about all the details; the most important part is this: DECIDE you’re going to hold an Israel Truth Week event no matter what it takes. It doesn’t have to be a gala affair; it could be as simple and easy as inviting your local Hillel/IOC student leader in to talk about the pressures they’re facing on campus due to the IAW aggression. What matters is that you show Jewish students and their families that you care.
And please…don’t forget to tell me so we can get it up on the Find An Event page.
THANKS to my wonderful volunteers who are going out into the community in the London area to visit various organizations to help spread the word about the Israel Truth Week Conference, and to help organize supporting services. I am in awe of all of you.
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Can you help? I’m still looking for about $800 to cover other conference expenses. If you can help I would be very grateful. Any funds left over will be donated to the Royal View Church roof fund…
Mini-tradeshow tables available (FREE): If your Jewish/pro-Israel organization would like a free literature table for our ’mini-tradeshow’ please contact me to reserve.
PDF Brochures for the 2012 Israel Truth Week Conference in London, March 21/12, can be downloaded on this page
Mark Vandermaas
Israel Truth Week

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